Despised – Twisted + Demos Official CD


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DARK SYMPHONIES is proud to announce our cooperation with obscure German thrash cult DESPISED to unleash their highly sought after Twisted CD including the bands Soon Deceased and The Delusion Demos from 1991 as a bonus! Obscure and punishing thrash metal guaranteed to satisfy all fans of extreme metal. Originally having been limited to only 500 pieces on West Virginia Records label (Immortalis Accessory Assorted Heap) and having been out of print for years fetching insane prices online we are proud to offer this slice of thrash metal history once again. This CD is designed after the original 1993 self financed release taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also featured are unpublished band photos lyrics and new liner notes by original band members.Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!! Sound samples here:

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