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Since 1998, Belgian death squad Emptiness has show its ability to write surprising material with diversity and set a real identity, pushing boundaries far beyond traditional black/death metal music. Through their powerful sounds and visuals, they express a dark, original view on an empty, valueless world. When Phorgath and Olve aren’t busy touring with their other band Enthroned, the band convenes in their own recording studio, Blackout, which serves as a bursting energy lowland where the members can gather and take the time to shape their sound even closer to their aesthetics and intention.

After previous alliances with Painkiller and Agonia Records, Emptiness have released their music through Dark Descent Records since 2012, when the two joined forces to enact the surreal Error. Their latest bad trip, Nothing But The Whole, will be out on May 27, 2014.

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